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About Us

ASAP Reps is a consulting firm that provides a free concierge (search) service to visitors and clients looking for a range of consumer services and products. ASAP Reps uses our extensive Internet experience to research companies and vendors who market via e-commerce and Internet sites.  We form associations and affiliations with those that meet our guidelines for value and service. We consider price and service in our research. We may not always offer "cheapest" price, when we feel service that comes along warrants a higher price. We welcome "challenge" to prove to YOU how our experience and research can help you with YOUR needs!

We are also a recruiting company, offering people opportunity to help us market services and products to others, as a home-based,  part-time, side-line, or additional business. 

As a client of ours, You are assured of personal service and you get an extra layer of customer "support". We do not take place of any company's  technical or customer support department. But, we CAN act as a liaison between you and vendor or company, and can help you with issues you may have with them, if any. We know and understand meaning of good customer relations, as we want same service from companies as you do. You are not just a number with us.  We strive to offer "personal" service to you ASAP. If you aren't satisfied, we aren't either.

ASAP Reps was founded in Sept 1997.  Our name bears our motto: "Our Reps strive to bring you best value in products, services, and business opportunities, with personal service and highest level of  Integrity ... As Soon As Possible".


Sales, Information, and Questions: 

toll free: 888-477-5087 local: 713-412-7377
Mon-Sat  7am - 9pm    Sun 1-6pm   CT

Existing Customers:

Technical Support:
First, contact vendor or company directly that is providing service. Many times, we can point you in right direction, if needed.

Customer Care:
First, contact vendor or company that was used to purchase service or product via means they provide. If you have difficulties, please let us know.

Agent / Affiliate Support:
We provide as much help and support to our agents as possible. If we don't have answer, we will find it, or point you in right direction.
Call toll free: 888-477-5087 local: 713-412-7377
Mon-Sat  7am - 9pm    Sun 1-6pm   CT


ASAP Reps Mailing Address:

21535 Cedar Cove Dr
Katy TX 77450-5349

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